Information on Sponsoring the San Diego Chapter of the NPA

If you would like to sponsor the SDNPA contact us.

  • The NPA solicits speakers, sponsors and product demonstrations from the industry leaders in network products, telecommunications, computer components, operating systems and software. This relationship provides an ideal channel for both member and sponsor to communicate in a comfortable yet technical environment facilitating the transfer of technical information. It also provides a means for products to be installed, tested and evaluated in a non-production environment.
  • Through multi-vendor alliances, the NPA delivers the most current technology and information available to its members through various forms and channels. The NPA identifies the common needs and interests of its members, the network professional and builds programs and initiatives to meet those needs. This page provides links, as well as special thanks to vendors who have contributed product and/or services in the support of the NPA's goals and ideals.
  • Of special thanks are vendors who have elected to become Chapter Sponsors. By aligning with the Network Professional Association, these companies have announced that they believe in the future of the computer network industry and they intend to play a vibrant role. Please take a moment to view the links dedicated to our chapter sponsors, and tell them Thank You for sponsoring the San Diego NPA.
Introducing The San Diego NPA
  • The San Diego Chapter of the Network Professional Association (SDNPA) would like to guide through an exciting industry movement - the growth and expansion of the network computing profession.
  • In today's multi-vendor network environment, network professionals play a dynamic and powerful role in shaping how systems are integrated together. The NPA is an association representing certified network professionals dedicated to advancing the network computer profession.
  • The NPA advances the profession by uniting network professionals in a worldwide association that strives to set industry standards of technical expertise and professionalism and deliverer programs and services to meet member needs and interests. This is accomplished through strategic alliances with corporations, vendors, education providers, employment services, and other associations.
  • The NPA exists to serve the needs of network computing professionals. Our members make a living designing, integrating, managing and maintaining networked computing environments, playing a significant role in the purchasing cycle: 93% recommend or specify, 86% evaluate or test, and 41% approve and/or purchase. NPA membership represents more than $5 billion annually in computer and network product sales.
  • This brochure outlines how you can play a part in sponsoring the growth, direction and impact that the NPA has on your business and the network computing industry. Please take a moment to look through the material and application. Your sponsorship of the San Diego NPA will play a significant role in advancing the network computing industry.

NPA Sponsorship Program Objectives

As an integral part of the NPA, the vendor sponsorship program has several specific objectives:

  • Provide a means for vendors to sponsor the NPA
  • Provide each sponsor with an equitable opportunity to participate
  • Allow sponsors to advance their own initiatives by tapping the resources of the NPA
  • Assist the NPA in obtaining resources and accessing the technology needed to advance the Association's interests

Sponsorship: A Win-Win Scenario

  • If sponsorship were not mutually beneficial, we would not waste your time inviting your support. However, we believe that you gain as much from sponsoring the San Diego NPA

Advantages of Being a Chapter Sponsor

As a sponsor of the San Diego NPA, you gain access to a specific audience of network professionals, benefiting your company by:

  • Complimenting marketing efforts and increasing brand loyalty through product training at NPA chapter meetings and hands-on technology labs
  • Accessing a new communications channel for product messages and updates
  • Accessing a qualified technical audience for product evaluation and market research
  • Reducing your product support costs by educating an outside team of technical service professionals
  • Influencing the direction of the network computing profession by improving the technical competence of network computing professionals

Advantages Sponsorship Brings the San Diego NPA

In turn, the SDNPA gains from your participation in the following ways:

  • Technical, educational, and financial support that helps the NPA fulfill its commitments to keep members current with the latest technology
  • Insight and experience in advancing the network computing profession

Chapter Sponsorship Benefits

Knowledge and Information, Trade Opportunities, Entrance to Events, Resource Pools

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

Shake hands, trade business cards, find an employee, sign a new client, share, make a friend, extend your education, promote your Business Product, Advance the Networking Profession

Sponsorship Eligibility

Companies operating in the network computing industry

  1. Training/ Education
  2. Vendors
  3. Service Providers
  4. Career Placement
  5. Human Resources
  • Interested in advancing the mission of NPA
  • Subscribe to the By-laws and Policies of NPA
  • Accept the NPA sponsorship agreement, if any.
  • Abide by the NPA Code of Ethics.
  • Be current in sponsorship.
  • Be an active participant in the NPA local chapter

***The Following Information is in the process of Change***

Chapter Sponsorships

Sponsorship categories are minimum guidelines. Sponsors are encouraged to enhance their image by NPA with additional sponsorship activities

GOLD: $995 per year

  • Unlimited attendance at chapter events at the same cost as NPA members for the sponsorís professional staff residing in the local office
  • Sponsor reserves and hosts two chapter events
  • Use the chapter contact list to advertise your events
  • An additional two uses of the chapter contact list
  • A banner and web site link on chapter web ($50.00 charge for 6 month rotating add)
  • Literature distribution and Business Announcements available at all events
  • Sponsor grants partner use of their Contact lists for the purpose of advertising NPA to prospective members (piggy back mailing, flyer, announcement or display ad)

SILVER: $595 per year

  • Attendance at chapter events for ONE of the Sponsor's Professional Staff
  • Business/product listing and link on Chapter web Literature and Product/Business Announcements at six chapter events.
  • Sponsor to grant monthly use of Sponsor's Contact lists for the purpose of advertising NPA to prospective members (piggy back mailing, flyer, announcement or display ad)

BRONZE: $295 per year

  • Literature on table and Product/Business
  • Announcements distributed at three SDNPA events.
  • Or one 20 minute presentation with literature (requires approval of main event sponsor)
  • Or six month business/product link on