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Join us for our own Oktoberfest! Dinner includes bread, non-alcoholic beverage, traditional bratwurst and bockwurst German sausages, red cabbage and spatzle. Yep! The beer is on you but you'll love it. And yes! There's polkas and music to suit. It's just like being in the old country! Join us at the Restaurant Europa.

And if the excitement is not enough check out our feature presentation courtesy of GTC Systems and Compaq.

TOPIC: Compaq Storage Works

SPEAKER: Chuck Dougherty, Compaq Representative


The presentation is light on the slide show and heavy on interactive discussion. SDNPA will discuss:

  • The architecture of storage systems.
  • When does it make sense to use distributed storage?
  • What should the technology manager look for?
  • What should you the consultant market and who is your market?

This seminar is for network professionals who have a business need to understand why Compaq's StorageWorks products and services are number #1 in the open systems industry today and how the StorageWorks technology is used to effectively manage corporate storage area networks (SANs). Learn from the leaders in open systems storage how modular, scaleable and award winning storage solutions can meet your current and future storage requirements from desktop to data-center.

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