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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents


February 28, 2004 Load Fest Event

Bring in "Your Server" and together we will Install Exchange 2003

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Pre-Registration is required to attend this free SDNPA Event
*To ensure that a seat is held for you, submit a refundable deposit (25.00) to SDNPA
Check website for deposit details - Preference Seating to Registered SDNPA Members
(Donation's accepted at Door)

February 28, 2004 (Saturday)
*9:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M.
Doors open at 8:00
Lunch Break at 11:30 -12:30

Location is Vortex Data Systems
7480 Mission Valley Road, Suite 100
(619) 497-6400

Directions located at

*Instructor for this event is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has extensive Exchange background. The instructor holds the following Certifications: CNE, ECNE, CNI, MCT, MCSE, CCNA


  • Bring in your Pre-Loaded Operating System (2003 Windows Server). During the 2003 Exchange Install - The Vortex Classroom Computers will be already set up and used for labs to accompany the instruction. You may also have attend; one (assistant 18 or older); to assist with your setup and labs. Evaluation Copies of Windows 2003 Server Operating System will also be available at Vortex. Arrive early at 8:00 A.M.; if you need to load your Operating System. "

  • We will be working with "Evaluation" copies of "Exchange 2003" during the "Loadfest".
  • The (NFR copy of) "Exchange 2003 Software" will be distributed to "LoadFest Attendee's" at a future SDNPA Meeting. TBD. Only Loadfest attendees are entitled to NFR Software.
  • Monitors, keyboards and mice are provided for your server by Vortex. Or bring your own. Vortex computers are for LoadFest labs only and cannot be used as a LoadFest PC.