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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents

Special Microsoft Office System Sneak Preview for IT Professionals

You Don’t Want to Miss This!!!


Get a Firsthand Look at the New Microsoft Office System

Microsoft is offering IT professionals a sneak preview of the new Microsoft Office System. Microsoft will be visiting SDNPA on October 28, 2003 at 11:30-1:30 offering members a first hand technical look at the new features, functionality, and applications that make up the new Microsoft Office System. A light lunch is included.

Meeting Facilities Provided by Washington Inventory Services

Please email your RSVP by 10/27/03 to:

Location: 9265 Sky Park Court, Suite 100, San Diego, CA  92123

-(Bldg. numbers on this street are out of sequence)

-(Please don’t park in areas marked DSI)

The presentation will include:

* In-depth technical information on how the new Microsoft Office System-applications, servers and services- provides greater information access, protects intellectual property; reduces spam; and enables your customers to be more self-reliant. The session will also offer members tips on deploying the new Microsoft Office System.

* Live demonstrations on how to set-up and administer the security, information access, and XML features of the new Microsoft Office System.

* A feedback forum so you can provide Microsoft with feedback on what would be of value to them in future products.

* Exciting prizes will be raffled off for meeting attendees such as Xbox systems, portable music players and more.

* A FREE copy of Microsoft Office Professional Edition (NFR) to participating SDNPA members.