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TOPIC: Implementing VPN in your Enterprise

SPEAKER: Todd Fisher, Inacom


Todd Fischer from Inacom will present valuable information on implementing VPNs. The focus will be on PKI, IPsec and differentiating between what is hype and what is reality. The objective is to provide clarity on the subject of Virtual Private Networks.

Todd will cover what is driving this technology and what solutions are being deployed and working today. He will also touch on where this technology is headed and why.

Q. What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A. A VPN provides end users with a way to privately access information on their corporate network (e.g. an intranet) over a public network infrastructure such as the Internet. VPNs provide private access to corporate intranets, allowing mobile users, telecommuters, and users in remote offices to access the corporate intranet, which is increasingly running mission critical applications that everyone in the company needs to access.

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