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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents



TOPIC:  Pure IP telephony - The convergence of Voice and Data using IP Telephony

SPEAKER: Mark Munger, Pearl Technologies & NPA member

SPONSOR: Pearl Technologies with Cisco

This presentation will convince you of the convergence of Voice and Data using IP Telephony and the inherent benefits to small and large companies today. IP Telephony is the coming standard in Voice communications. It allows increased services, flexibility in delivery and cost savings over current implementations of separate Voice and Data systems. Increased productivity and cost savings are driving this industry forward with nearly every major manufacturer playing some part in the Voice Over IP industry. Pearl Technologies and its partner, Cisco Systems, have come together to introduce you to this technology. Voice Over IP will be covered including the concepts, international standards and some of the products and services that are used in production environments today.The product presentation will focus on Cisco Selsius-IP PBX, the industry's first H.323 PBX system. We will demonstrate how an IP PBX operating under Windows NT and Ethernet Phones provide all the traditional PBX features and the foundation to bring this technology to every company. We will discuss how to enhance an existing PBX using IP Telephony and save money by investing in a long-term convergence strategy. Come learn and join in the discussion about this new technology and products and how it is adding new capabilities to the standard data networks of today.