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TOPIC: IT Solutions are not as Simple as Plug and Play

SPEAKER: Networld Solutions IT Consulting Team

SPONSOR: Networld Solutions

Networld Solutions expertise is project management. Join us for a tour of the Networld Office and an education on Project Management using the QualIT SM methodology.

Networld Solutions, Information Technology (IT) Consulting, provides clients with Consulting, Project Management, and Outsourcing for technology based solutions to business process challenges. The business issues that demand these solutions are often complex, spanning multiple people, departments, processes, technologies, disciplines, and geographies. Unmanaged complexity can lead to projects with lost focus, missed goals, cost overruns, and disarray. To manage complexity, Networld Solutions has defined processes, created a consulting and implementation structure, and developed support tools. These processes, structures and tools comprise Networld Solution's QualIT SM methodology.

Networld Solution's QualIT SM methodology brings quality to IT solutions via the structured rules, processes, and tools. The name QualIT SM communicates that Networld Solutions methods are designed to provide "Quality Solutions to business process issues via the structured, consultative application of Information Technology." The structured approach assures an optimized solution that addresses the client business need and ultimately enhances the client organization's business process through the application of Information Technology Solutions.

Networld Solutions IT Consulting team will provide the SDNPA with an overview of our system of rules, principles, procedures and practices that are applied to Information Technology solutions. We will show how to provide a logical process to deal with the complexities of business technology solutions. This methodology will assist you with complex projects so they can be completed with:

* High Client Satisfaction
* High Quality Deliverables
* Maximization of Resources
* Predictable Project Cost
* Repeatable Consistency
* Low Risk
* Measurable Results
* Timeliness
* Modular Specialization
* Continuous Improvement

Networld Solutions
Scott M. Herron, President
Ph: 619-874-0464 Ext. 101