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The Enterprise Networking Association Conference, will be held in San Diego, CA on April 12-14, 1999. The ENA conference has a strong Windows NT focus. Windows NT Magazine is the conference technical sponsor. The conference will be held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. We would like to formally invite the members of the San Diego Networking Professional Association to attend the entire ENA conference. The 1999 conference will focus on adapting network enterprises to new technologies. The tracks will have a technical focus on:

  • Messaging: The Internet Revolution
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Intranet: The Extended Enterprise
  • Deep Impact: Wake up Call!
  • Integration/Migration: Reliability Counts

You can learn about the full scope of this conference through the ENA web site at

This is GREAT! SDNPA is proud to offer this excellent venue to the networking professionals of San Diego brought to us through SDNPA's association with NT Magazine and its affilliate organizations like ENA. You need the FREE PASS below to gain entrance to this SDNPA activity. Once you arrive at the Sheraton Hotel, follow the signs for the NPA meeting room in Marina 6. Be sure to come early, like, noon time! Lunch is provided, access to the exhibit hall, dinner and, of course, the NPA Chapter Meeting. All of this because you know us at NPA! If you would like to also attend some of the other excellent technical sessions, contact ENA and be sure to give them your NPA membership number for the best service.

Dinner will be a buffet provided by ENA for all attendees from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. The SDNPA Chapter meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. So, if you can't make it early, there is still dinner and a great meeting waiting for you. Members please wear your NPA shirts so that guests can meet you.

SDNPA Meeting:

TOPIC:  ACTIVE DIRECTORY: An In Depth Look at its Structure and Process

SPEAKER: David Peterson, Product Manager, NetPro Computing, Inc.


This presentation will convince you!

Active Directory is a revolutionary new technology at the core of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server platform. Gain an understanding of the inner workings of Active Directory, including an in-depth perspective on the structural elements and processes of the new directory, including such critical components as the forest, trees, domains, etc. NetPro has been working closely with Microsoft to develop DirectoryAnalyzer, its Active Directory health management solution. This experience uniquely positions NetPro to provide valuable insights into Active Directory, with emphasis on the following topics:

  • The key components and processes of Active Directory
  • Tips for ensuring Active Directory health
  • Potential points of failure in Active Directory

NetPro's DirectoryAnalyzer proactively monitors and troubleshoots Active Directory, so that administrators can deploy Windows 2000 Server with confidence. In this session, the presenter will show how DirectoryAnalyzer ensures the health of Active Directory and provides consistent access to business-critical resources by monitoring and troubleshooting all key components, including domains, domain controllers, sites and Active Directory-related DNS functions.


Adapting the Enterprise to Changing Technologies!

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San Diego Network Professional Association

There is no easier or faster way to catch up on the latest products and services for enterprise networks than by attending the ENA Exposition. Come and talk candidly with solution providers - they'll be prepared for your tough questions.

Join us for lunch, "Stump the Authors" and Mark Smith's Keynote Address


Join us for a complimentary Solution Providers' Lunch on Tuesday, April 13 from 12:15 - 2:30 where you can have lunch with an ENA solution provider and find solutions to your most complex networking problems. And, bring your toughest questions to stump the Windows NT Magazine experts during ENA's "Stump the Author" panel. Then, hear Window NT Magazine's Keynote by Editorial Director, Mark Smith, entitled "Thin Client/Server Computing in Action" immediately following the lunch activities.


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April 13 - 14, 1999 - Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, CA USA