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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents



TOPIC: Solutions in The Cloud Replace Traditional  IT Disaster Recovery

SPEAKER: Geminare’s CEO and Founder Joshua Geist

geminare   “These days anything Cloud-related is quite topical, especially considering the virtues of what the Cloud brings to the table, such as minimizing the complexity of managing on-premises resources while reducing overall IT administration costs.
In this exclusive
Lunch & Learn webinar for NPA members only, Geminare’s CEO and Founder Joshua Geist will compare  and demonstrate  how high availability solutions in The Cloud are replacing traditional  IT disaster recovery offerings, making it possible for small and medium sized enterprises to have real-time application and data server protection and recovery that is on par with larger enterprises, without incurring the associated in-house operational costs.”


Geminare contact:   Susan Bantin

Location:   TechTeam    6005 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 115   Carlsbad, CA 92011        Conference Room