Past Chapter Luncheons and Events


The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents

Meeting: Lunch & Learn

Sponsored by StoneFly Networks

No fees will be charged, as they are generously underwriting the cost.

When: September 9, 11:30 AM 1:00 PM
Where: Chins Restaurant -- Exquisite Cuisine, Table Buffet Selections.

Title: iSCSI and IP SAN Solutions

StoneFly Networks invites you to join us for a hands on iSCSI demonstration and discussion of today's iSCSI technology, applications, and future directions.
Did you know?...

IP SAN Technologies can provide the benefits of Fiber Channel at a fraction of the cost.

IP SANs can be built using off the shelf ethernet and storage components that most organizations already have.

The iSCSI protocol specification is ratified by the IETF and manufacturers have released fully interoperable, plug and play IP SAN products based upon the new standard.

Many mainstream storage and networking companies such as Cisco, Intel, IBM, Qlogic, and Adaptec have invested heavily in Ethernet and IP based SAN Technology development over the last several years.

Clearly iSCSI is one the most critical new developments in storage and networking technology. Join us as we discuss this technology in detail and show how it can benefit your organization today. Hands on configuration and demonstration of an iSCSI SAN using industry standard Ethernet networking equipment and storage devices.

Tim Francisco Regional Manager StoneFly Networks
Scott Rollins Sr. Systems Engineer StoneFly Networks


Current Storage Architecture Landscape (DAS,NAS and FC SAN)
iSCSI and IP Storage Area Network technology
Building a IP Storage Area Network for Windows 2000 Environments
StoneFly Networks Storage Concentrator
IP SAN Applications
Application Case Studies
Live Demonstration and Technical Overview