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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents

Feb 12, 2002 QoS (Quality of Service), Don't let your network hold you back. This technology will separate you from the pack!

Sponsor: Sitara Networks, Denver

Solutions Group Sitara Networks, Denver Solutions Group and the San Diego Network Professional Association are joining forces to go beyond traditional wire speeds.

Please join us for an informative and interactive discussion on using Sitara's Quality of Service (QoS) solutions to optimize application performance and response times while improving the efficiency of your network. Tuesday February 12, 2002 at 11:30 am Find out how QoS solutions from Sitara Networks enable today's network managers to leverage their existing infrastructure to:

* Distinguish between mission critical and recreational traffic
* Prioritize and ensure critical application performance
* Control bandwidth hungry applications on the network
* Slow the growth in IT costs * Delay bandwidth upgrades
* Report on network usage and policy effectiveness
* Deploy VoIP and videoconferencing without performance worries

Sitara Networks, a leader in QoS, delivers solutions that integrate all the functions necessary to analyze and report bandwidth usage, and deploy and enforce policies for managing and optimizing application and network performance. You won't want to miss attending this seminar!

The Presenter: BSC in Engineering, with over 20 years of background ranging from sales, trouble-shooting, consultation, training, management and thrice a business owner. Recognizable companies of employ were 5 yrs at Cabletron (didn't everyone do time there?)and 4 yrs at 3Com in enterprise systems sales. Early beginnings herald from innumerable years at lesser recognized companies in Canada (yes..another Canuck). James A. Voisin, Regional West Coast Pre-Sales Engineering Manager

To register for this event, send an email to: Lunch is Tuesday February 12 11:30 AM at the Acapulco Restaurant, 8998 Miramar Rd, SD. NPA members $10. Non-members $20. NPA members with your NPA membership card, bring a new guest and your lunch is free. Meeting Agenda: 11:30 begin buffet Lunch, 11:45 Individuals introduce themselves to the room - needs, wants, offerings Chapter announcements 12:00 Presentation 12:55 wrap-up / exchange business cards To study up before hand, here are some web links: The Sitara website at If you have an immediate QoS opportunity or question call John Hewett at 720-300-5984. Please run all opportunities through me, both before and after the meeting. Or for more generic info on QoS, some of the following sites have some good info... And these IT portals should have info on QoS...