Past Chapter Luncheons and Events


The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents


We apologize for our sponsor, New Horizons Learning Center, not being present. We will endevor to reschedule the presentation content. We had a wonderful lunch though. Met our new Gold Sponsors and made a contact! We will meet for lunch meeting and presentation at Acapulco's on Miramar Road. This event is a social opportunity to meet and make connections, find a job, a vendor, or have lunch with buddies as well as take home a free bit of knowledge. 

Luncheon sponsored by GOLD SPONSOR, New Horizons Learning Center. Gerry Price (Linux, MCNE, MCSE, MCT) speaks to the benefits of LINUX, and how it can help today's IT professionals in their work environment. Gerry is an involved IT professional and one of the highest rated instructors in San Diego... he brings a working knowledge of what works in the "real world", and combines that with the curriculum of his classroom. Justin Tolchin (A+, CIWP, CIWCI, CIWMD, MCP, MCT, MOUS) shares his personal experience using Visual Basic for rapid application development. VB allows a MUCH higher completion rate, smaller learning curve, and easy updates. With the tools in VB, application development has been made significantly easier. Programming Visual Basic for the last 6 years. Worked many contracts and projects for individuals, companies, and the military. Sergeant in Marine Corps Infantry now working in the IT industry. 

Presentation of new GOLD SPONSORS: NetsWork, University of Phoenix, and GTC Systems