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Where can I find help with my network problem?
A group collaboration of favorite support sources.

Also: New Horizons to demo computer based training and reference.

FACILITATOR:    Jim Belasco, Earl Walls Associates


WHERE:    Earl Walls Associates

"Where can I find help?" How many times do you have a problem that you could resolve with a little help? I invite you to email me your list of favorite high quality support solutions - CD sets, Internet, Companies. We will visit some of the internet support sites during the meeting. Local solution providers are welcome to offer a few minutes of their time to pass out information and explain their local services. At the meeting each attendees will be asked to state a question or issue needing resolution allowing the group to provide potential sources for resolving the issue.

Send in your favorite support solutions tips! I will compile the list and provide printed directory for all present. In addition the references will be placed on

Please provide your favorites by sending:

My Name:
Company worked for:
My expertise is:
Would you like your name added to the list as a resource? (Y/N)
Support Solution: (Company name, WWW address
Solution focus: (NT, Cisco, General, MS Office etc)
How does a person register/sign up?
Any special contracts/software/hardware required?

The meeting will be facilitated by Jim Belasco, Earl Walls Associates. I have 12+ yrs experience in office automation solutions, software testing, network administration and technology management. It is not a perfect world - not a perfect network - not a perfect software program. Every day there are issues to solve. The network administrator, technician and consultant needs to acquire tools and exercise them to be a self sufficient problem solver. I invite you to explore and share together your concerns and solutions to your technology problems.

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