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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents


TOPIC: "Bad cable? Track it down!" How to identify and repair connectivity issues

SPEAKER: C. Scott Barrington, NetsWork Project Role Director of Network Services    \

"Bad cable? Track it down!" How to identify and repair connectivity issues. Pick up your copy! A step by step procedure to correct cabling and connectivity issues complete with recommended tools to certify cable and components. SDNPA and NetsWork invites you to join us for dinner and a lively roundtable discussion of procedures, tools, and philosophies to solving your connectivity problems.

The meeting will be facilitated by Scott Barrington, NetsWork an expert in connectivity issues. 70% percent of all network failures occur due to fails in the infrastructure. Scott will present the latest in tools and diagnostics to help prevent, locate and solve your network problems with the greatest ease and as quickly as possible. As part of the discussion we will talk about the "HP wirescope 350 network tester", "Lecroy newsline network tester", and "MAP cable management software."


Use an example company that has 1000 employees with both voice and data requirements. According to recent studies cabling infrastructure accounts for 25% of the data/voice network cost. Some estimates of investments in information technology per employee are as high as $8000; therefore, at 25%, the cost would be $2000 per employee or in the case of our example company with 1000 employees $2 million dollars.

This cost is only compounded as time goes on. A typical company moves approximately 30% of its employees each year, with an average labor cost of $250 per move. In our example company this would mean 300 employees would be relocated at the labor cost of $75,000 per year.

Industry surveys show that 70% of service calls are cabling related. Furthermore, technicians spend 80% of their time on a service call searching for the problem and 20% fixing it. Most of that 80% is spent locating the end to end connectivity.

This situation worsens when the connection spans multiple floors or buildings. It is not unusual for a 40% to 60% reduction in cost of repairs due to the implementation of a cable testing system, that allows technicians to find things quickly.

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WHEN:   WEDNESDAY  -February 2, 6:00pm, discussion/food, 7:00pm, presentation

WHERE:    Copernicus Training Center

C. Scott Barrington
Project Role Director of Network Services                              Years of Experience Industry: 21 Years

Background Mr. Barrington provides direction to the technical support staff for all of NetsWork Inc. Scott has over twenty years experience providing support for high speed, high availability network and data systems. As Director of Network Service, Scott insures that all of the technical support for networking project is provided. He provides technical direction for all aspects of the installation, training and maintenance. Scott has responsibility for implementing and maintaining NetsWork’s project control systems, procedures and reports. He also has responsibility for supervising all project suppliers and/or subcontractors to ensure all provisions of the contract are met.

Relevant Project Some of the projects Scott has successfully completed are:


San Francisco International Airport—Supervise multiple subcontractors to provide network design, data system design, project submittals and network installation.  Value $35 million

State Street Bank and Trust—Project Manager for the installation of a new Mutual Fund pricing network. This network provided support for fund managers that price Mutual Funds valued at 6.5 trillion dollars daily.  Value $8 million

Department of Defense—Design/build installation for the first Trans-continental Fiber-optic data-communications network system for multiple defense locations across the United States.  Value: $2 million.

Loanet—Network design and upgrade of network that connects all of the major financial institutions and stockbrokerages worldwide, providing a network that supported 40 billion dollars a day in stock and securities transfers. Value $4 million