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The San Diego Chapter of The Network Professional Association presents

 NPA Meeting Summary
Luncheon at Acapulco Restaurant August 15 and 24, 2000 

 About thirty-five people attended each event. These events are the social opportunity to meet and make connections, find a job, a vendor, or have lunch with buddies. The response has been very favorable. NetsWork sponsored both events. August 24 NetsWork presented a vertical network solution in a box -- FoxBox The FoxBox is an advanced integrated software and hardware platform that provides companies with an affordable, reliable, Internet access solution. Designed to let users on a company's LAN connect safely to the Internet, the FoxBox includes full-featured Internet access, easy to use e-mail capabilities, advanced network security, productivity enhancing tools such as web access control and management reports, and provides a modular design for easy upgrades. This fusion of software and hardware is guaranteed to work as a robust system with a single web-based administrative interface - bringing you the latest Internet enabling technology at a fraction of the cost of conventional Internet access devices.