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Save The Date - Wednesday May 24


Organized Cyber-Attackers - Understanding how network penetration and identity theft can occur today. Knowledge is one of the keys to securing your network against attack in today's technologically advanced global environment. Defending your network against hackers begins with an understanding of who, how and why they are attacking your network. Hackers are using a mix of modern technology and traditional cyber and social-engineering tactics to gain entrance to your company network and steal sensitive information or damage the working environment.

Cyber attacks are also being directed at individuals to secure personal identifying information. Identity theft and other personal attacks such as pfishing are a rapidly growing form of personal attack against individuals in today's global Internet society.

FBI Computer Scientist Teddy Lindsey will take you into the minds of organized cyber-attackers and foreign nation states to give you a better understanding of how hackers have become an organized cyber-attack force using modern day technologies and techniques. Learn about some of the latest methods and technologies that have been uncovered recently to gain a better understanding of the nature of current security threats so that you can make your own informed decisions on how to best protect your network and yourself against this rapidly growing security risk.

Time: May 24, 2006 Wednesday at 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.   

Where: ITT Technical Institute 9680 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

Cost:: Business Card at the door. Free to NPA Members, $5 to non-members