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Traffic Testing and Analysis   Presented by Ixia

When:   March 31st, 2005    5:30 - 7 p.m.                                      
Where:   Washington Inventory Service (

Ixia presents their hardware/software combined solution that allows for L2-7 testing

       Using hardware interface load modules and proprietary traffic generator Ixia can provide the highest port density and most extensive capabilities for wirespeed L2-3 network data traffic generation and analysis. 


       Ixia will demonstrate the ease of use of our graphical user interface and comprehensive set of automated test tools.  As a result, customers can easily analyze throughput, latency, packet loss, etc for their devices or systems under test.


       Ixia can emulate stateful application layer traffic to provide answers for customers interested in understanding realistic network traffic flows. 


       Ixia will demonstrate our Real World Traffic Suite of tools which complement our L2-3 hardware tools mentioned above.  Here Ixia simulates Internet-scale clients and servers operating within a network at the application layer.  Ixia can measure device and system performance under realistic load conditions.