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August 26 2003

Novell's Move into Linux

Presented by Brian Six, Technical Account Manager, Novell

If you haven't heard, Novell is moving into the Linux arena in a big way, including moving future development of it's products to the Linux platform. For this meeting we'll discuss the announcement of Novell's latest strategic move into the Linux arena, a strategy to be known as Novell Linux Services. This includes components such as file, print, messaging, directory services, management services and more. We will also discuss the specifics around the latest news of the purchase of Ximian and what it could mean to the future of Linux in your company.
Brian Six, the San Diego Technical Account Manager for Novell, is well known to the Netware community in San Diego County. He has presented on many Novell products and topics to organizations throughout Southern California, and at Novell's annual BrainShare technical conference to a national audience. Besides fluency with all Novell products, Brian is highly knowledgeable on other manufacturers products. He has spoken to the NPA Academy a number of times over the past few years, and is always a welcome presenter.