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June 25, 2002 4:00-7:00 P.M.
Location: PEC 2810 Camino Del Rio, South Suite 101 San Diego

A Peek Inside Red Hat Linux
by Jay Brown, NMCI ISF Server Validation, PEC Systems
Jay is an MCSE, A+ certified Senior Network Administrator with over 10 years of Navy Network experience. He knows his Stuff!

This introduction is divided into several parts:

The Basics: When you've finished this section, you'll start to feel comfortable with your GNOME or KDE environment. You'll take your first steps to becoming productive (or just having fun and looking productive). You'll find out how to get online, set up an e-mail account and communicate with others using your Netscape Navigator Web browser.

Managing Files and Directories: Beyond the basics; here, you'll learn about the GNOME and KDE file managers, working with running processes, locating files, installing and removing applications, using Update Agent and other administrative necessities.

The Shell Prompt: Just beneath your graphical environment, the real power of your system awaits. You'll get a taste of this power and learn how to put it to work for you.

Q & A: Many answers to some of the most common new user questions, such as: how to access a floppy disk; what happens if you forget your root password (you can create a new one); how to access files on a Windows partition; and more.

Future topics? Discuss install on pc vs. laptop and network; Capibilities with Windows/BSD and Netware....; illustrate basic intall techniques of Linux w.r.t. to desktop and laptop; do's and don'ts.... Tips and tricks; File and Print sharing a.k.a. SAMBA....

Location: PEC 2810 Camino Del Rio, South Suite 101 San Diego

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